Principal N. Gonzalez Letter

Dear Students and Parents,


Welcome to another exciting new year at Citrus Hill High School, where our motto is to Be The Change.  Our students, staff, and community continue working together on our shared purpose to be the best high school for our community!


At Citrus Hill High School, we are committed to offering the best experience for all students.  This year, our motto remains the same: BE THE CHANGE.  We will practice this by staying focused on our clear vision:


Our shared purpose is to be the best high school for our community by providing our students the finest in rigor, school culture, enrichment, innovation, intervention and preparation.


 Our shared values include:

o  Focusing on the things we can control.

o  Whenever possible, refusing the tyranny of “or” by embracing the genius of “and.”

o  At all times, making decisions based on what is best for students.



Our shared goals include for the 2016-17 schoolyear:


  • Citrus Hill High School will continue to foster a College and Career Ready Culture and create graduates with strong post-secondary plans. This will be measured graduation rates, dropout rates, FAFSA rates, AP participation, English proficiency, and A-G/CTE completion rates.
  • Citrus Hill High School will continue to foster the development of Professional Learning Communities with all staff. This will be measured by collaboration, common assessments, and State and Federal assessments.
  • Citrus Hill High School will continue to foster a positive school culture. This will be measured by student engagement, intervention data, and parent engagement.


Citrus Hill High School is a Comprehensive High School that has among the county’s highest graduation rate and A-G rate at 96.2% and 63% respectively. Citrus Hill truly offers something positive for just about every student. Students enjoy attending this great school, Citrus Hill has the highest attendance (96.19%) in the district for secondary schools.  I encourage all students to get involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities during their high school years.  As a result of student dedication and sacrifice, combined with adult expertise and direction, Citrus Hill High School has many outstanding programs.  Academically, our CH Scholars program offers the most challenging curriculum to our most gifted students with 100% of the Scholars seniors getting acceptance to  4-year universities. Also the AVID program continues grows (15% of our population) to help students reach their goal of higher education with over 98% of our AVID seniors getting acceptances to 4-year universities. Also Citrus Hill High School has many exciting CTE Pathway such as, Sports Medicine, Retail Marketing, Ag Science, Computer Programming, Graphics and Design, and much more.


We also have had an increase in the number of students taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes and the overall pass rates of all AP Exams continue to improve.  More specifically, in 2015-16, 26% of our students were enrolled in an AP Courses. These are some of the most rigorous college level courses offered.


Furthermore, we have excellent programs such as Marching Band, Dance, Choir, Theater, Athletics and Clubs. What is your personal contribution to our shared purpose? Get involved and let’s make it another great year!



Nereyda Gonzalez