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Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy

Citrus Hill High School will monitor and enforce tardiness every period, every day.  Students not in their assigned classrooms or activity area at the completion of the bell are considered tardy. The tardy policy is designed to help students develop a lifelong skill of punctuality. The tardy program is a progressive program providing communication by mail and phone between the home and school throughout the process. The tardy program is cumulative and begins new each grading period.


For the first week of school, students will be given a grace period if they are late to class.  Following that, if they are late to any class, they will be marked tardy and begin progression of the sequential discipline policy.


Please take note – students serving lunch detention will be supervised by one of our teachers.  However, if students do not show to their assigned lunch detention, then an ensuing Wednesday Morning Detention will be assigned.


Please keep in mind that students waking up late, car problems, etc., will not excuse a student from having to serve a lunch detention.



Periods 1-6:


·        All unexcused tardiness for periods 1-6 will follow progressive tardy policy outlined below:


Periods 1-6

1st Tardy

Teacher Warning

2nd Tardy

Teacher Warning / Blackboard Message

3rd Tardy

Teacher Warning / Parent Contact

4th Tardy

Lunch Detention

5th Tardy

Lunch Detention

6th Tardy

Wednesday Detention (8:30AM-9:30AM)

7th Tardy

Wednesday Detention (8:30AM-9:30AM)

8th Tardy

Reverse Suspension / Saturday School


By Jake Gansereit

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