CTE Sectors

3 years ago

Gaming and Simulation

Jake Gansereit, jgansereit@valverde.edu

1. Intro to Gaming

2. Games/Simulation 2

Software Systems and Development

Jake Gansereit, jgansereit@valverde.edu

1. AP Computer Science Principles

1. AP Computer Science A

Agriculture & Natural Resources:

FFA Website

Debroah Wroblewski, dwroblewski@valverde.edu

1. Ag Biology Chemistry and Ag Science; Honors Ag Chemistry (10th-12th )

2. Aquaponics; Honors Sustainable Agriculture (12th)

3. Ag Leadership; AP/IB Environmental Science

Audrey Woelke, awoelke@valverde.edu

1. Ag Biology 

2. Veterinary Science (9th-11th)

3. Animal Science (10th-12th)

Arts, Media and Entertainment

Sal Quijada,  squijada@valverde.edu

1. Video Production I (11th-12th )

2. Video Production II (12th)

Karla Scarff, kscarff@valverde.edu

1.  Intro to Mixed Media Art

2.  Photography

Graphic Arts

John Remland, jremland@valverde.edu

1.  CTE Graphics 1

2.  Graphics & Design Advanced

Performing Arts

Elizabeth DeBell, edebell@valverde.edu

Performing Arts

1.  Concepts of Theatre and Acting

2.  Tech Theatre 1/2

Production and Managerial Arts

1.   Theatre Combat

2.   Acting and Directing Workshop

Engineering and Architecture:

Alejandro Cobian, acobian@valverde.edu

1.  Principals of Engineering I (9th-12th)

2.  Engineering II (10th-12th)